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Name 2nr premium APK
ID pl.rs.sip.softphone.newapp
Size 8.12MB
Version 2.1.11
Publisher MobileLabs Sp z o o
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by APPSFAB
check_circle Official file from Google Play
check_circle No malware & malicious ads
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2nr premium APK is an innovative tool designed for Android devices, offering a perfect solution for those seeking a secure and convenient way to communicate over the phone without revealing their personal phone number.

The application is comprised of two primary versions: the default basic version and the paid premium version. In the basic version, users can enjoy a 3-day validity period for their virtual number, along with the capability to receive SMS messages and send contact invitations. On the other hand, the premium version offers an extensive range of enhanced features.

With the premium version, the number remains valid for a duration of 7 days, but users have the option to extend this period up to one year for a nominal fee. This version allows for sending text messages with any desired content, and it supports both SMS and MMS message reception.

Moreover, users can both receive incoming calls and initiate outgoing calls directly from within the application. It’s important to note that outgoing calls and messages are restricted to Polish numbers. To access and utilize the premium version, users are required to verify their identity and fund their account as a condition

Features of the Application

2nr premium APK offers two main versions: the basic version and the premium version. The basic version provides a 3-day number validity period, while the premium version comes with advanced features.

Number Validity

For users of the premium version, the number’s validity extends to 7 days, with the option to extend it for up to a year for an additional fee.


In addition to receiving and sending regular text messages, you can also send multimedia messages (MMS) and use any content you prefer.


You can receive and make calls directly from the application, adding an extra dimension to your communication experience.

Geographical Restrictions

Outgoing calls and text messages are limited to Polish numbers, making access to the premium version necessary for communicating with individuals outside of Poland.

Advantages of the 2nr premium APK:

Privacy and Security: The 2nr application allows you to communicate without revealing your personal phone number, thereby protecting your privacy.

Flexibility: You can extend the number’s validity for longer periods if needed.

Global Communication: With the ability to receive and make calls and send messages, you can communicate with people worldwide.

Identity Verification: Ensuring the verification of your identity helps enhance security and prevents misuse of the application.

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