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Name Among Us
ID com.innersloth.spacemafia
Size 725MB
Version 2024.3.5
Publisher Innersloth LLC
MOD Features [Free Shopping, Unlocked]
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android Android 4.0
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About Among Us MOD APK 2024 for Android

Among Us MOD APK is an immersive action-packed game nestled within the captivating realm of board game genres. It vividly brings to life the essence of the immensely popular Werewolf game, originally conceived by the creative minds at Innersloth LLC. For aficionados of the legendary Werewolf, this rendition is an absolute must-try, encapsulating the essence of the classic while infusing it with a special touch.

In this distinctive version, players are invited to dive into a world where strategy, deception, and teamwork intertwine in an exhilarating adventure. The MOD APK offers a unique twist, enhancing the gameplay and opening up a myriad of possibilities for an even more thrilling experience.

Innersloth LLC, a game developer specializing in the board game genre, emerged relatively recently within the global gaming community. However, their creation, Among Us, inspired by the renowned Werewolf board game, propelled the company to unprecedented heights. Evidencing this meteoric rise is Among Us itself, boasting an impressive milestone of 50 million installs across Google Play and the App Store in just one month—a feat that stands as a testament to its remarkable success and widespread appeal.

Among Us: Space Deceit & Survival

Among Us immerses players in a narrative centered around teamwork and trust among a group of astronauts aboard a spaceship in space. As they endeavor to launch the ship and return to Earth, the astronauts face a daunting challenge—hidden among them are saboteurs determined to thwart their efforts.

These impostors possess the ability to disrupt the ship by sabotaging critical systems like the O2, sowing chaos within the crew, and even committing murders. The astronauts’ objective is to identify and eliminate these clandestine impostors to ensure the ship’s departure and their own survival.


Among Us draws parallels to Werewolf but introduces a fresh twist by setting the game aboard a space vessel. The rules and gameplay, though intriguing, can be perplexing even for seasoned players. Each session accommodates a group of 10 or more players, offering a dynamic experience. Players are divided into “Crewmates” tasked with completing assigned missions and “Impostors” intent on sabotaging the ship and eliminating Crewmates. This cycle continues until a victor emerges, shaping the outcome of the game.

Among Us demands not just quick thinking and adaptability but also strategic prowess. Success hinges on mastering the game mechanics, making swift deductions, placing trust judiciously, and, if playing as an impostor, deceiving others skillfully. Creating a group of 10 players amplifies the thrill and complexity of the game.

Creating Rooms

Strategically creating a room in Among Us holds significance, especially in the ever-changing landscape of online play. Balancing the number of missions, Crewmates, and Impostors contributes to the game’s dramatic tension. A gathering of 10 friends promises an exceptional experience, with rewards in the form of unique outfits for the victorious faction.


Players begin by crafting a distinctive character and aligning with either the Crewmate or Impostor faction. Success for Crewmates entails completing missions and identifying the impostor. However, recognizing the impostor’s identity can be challenging initially. Sabotage events provide opportunities for Crewmates to gather clues and convene emergency meetings to unveil the saboteurs. For the Impostors, the objective is to eliminate all Crewmates and emerge as the sole survivor through deception and calculated assassinations.


Among Us features a delightful and straightforward 2D design, showcasing charming depictions of both Astronauts and Impostors. While the graphics may appear simplistic, the gameplay itself offers a remarkably immersive and enjoyable experience that effortlessly transcends the visual simplicity. The intentional choice of a minimalist aesthetic does not detract from the overall enjoyment; instead, it adds a layer of charm to the game.

Despite the unassuming graphics, the game’s optimization is truly commendable. It guarantees a seamless, lag-free, and visually comfortable experience for players, emphasizing the importance of gameplay fluidity over intricate graphics. This strategic decision not only allows for a broader range of devices to support the game but also ensures that the focus remains firmly on the engaging dynamics of teamwork, trust, and deception within the gameplay.

Features of Among Us mod apk 2024  :

  • Multiplayer Gameplay: Among Us offers engaging multiplayer gameplay where you can connect and play with friends or random players online, adding an element of social interaction and teamwork.
  • Intriguing Storyline: Set aboard a spaceship, the game’s narrative revolves around teamwork and deception, with players taking on roles as Crewmates or Impostors, adding suspense and strategy to the gameplay.
  • Customizable Characters: Players can personalize their characters by choosing from various colors, hats, skins, and pets, allowing for a unique and fun visual experience.
  • Tasks and Missions: Crewmates have specific tasks to complete around the spaceship while Impostors aim to sabotage these tasks and eliminate Crewmates, creating a thrilling cat-and-mouse scenario.
  • Emergency Meetings: Players can call emergency meetings to discuss suspicions, strategize, and vote out suspected Impostors, adding a layer of deduction and social interaction to the game.
  • Cross-Platform Play: Among Us supports cross-platform play, enabling Android users to play with friends on other devices, fostering a wider gaming community.
  • Adaptive Gameplay: The game adapts to various group sizes, allowing for different numbers of players to participate in each session, ensuring flexibility in gameplay dynamics.

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