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Name Beholder
ID com.creativemobile.beholder
Size 369mb
Version 2.6.266
Publisher Creative Mobile Games
MOD Features [Unlimited Money]
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android Android 4.0
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Beholder is more than just a game; it’s a thought-provoking experience that immerses players into a world fraught with moral ambiguity and challenging decisions. Within this game’s narrative, players are thrust into a reality that is far from ideal, a realm where inhabitants grapple with profound ethical dilemmas. This setting, often referred to as a dystopian society, presents a bleak and unsettling backdrop where the boundaries between right and wrong blur into a murky haze.

Beholder: A Moral Dilemma in a Controlled Society

Beholder unfolds within a society where government control is absolute, rules are strict, and privacy is a luxury long forgotten. As a player, you step into the shoes of an apartment building manager, handpicked by the government, tasked with ensuring residents’ comfort while maintaining the building. However, there’s a clandestine aspect to your role.

Spying on tenants as a secret task.

Behind the facade of a manager, you’re a covert operative spying on tenants. Unbeknownst to them, your duty involves discreetly monitoring their activities, eavesdropping on conversations, and gathering information that could be perceived as a threat to the government. From planting hidden devices to rummaging through personal belongings, your mission is to compile dossiers on behalf of your superiors. Yet, a pivotal question arises from Beholder’s premise: what will you do with the sensitive information you unearth?

Narrative-Altering Decisions

Beholder stands out for the weight of its decisions. Each choice you make steers the story, intersecting with diverse characters, each possessing their own tales and characteristics. Your actions can pivot lives and plot trajectories, presenting moral quandaries at every turn.

Will you betray someone for a hint of suspicion, potentially shattering their family? Or will you opt not to disclose illegal activities, affording someone a chance to rectify their wrongdoings? The game doesn’t confine you to strictly good or bad choices; it permits morally gray decisions, such as resorting to blackmail to safeguard your family’s needs.


Beholder thrives on unpredictability. The choices woven into the narrative unfurl various endings, offering an enthralling replay value as the story takes divergent paths.

For those seeking a richer narrative, “Blissful Sleep” introduces fresh characters and plotlines, expanding the game’s universe. It delves into tales of individuals making grave errors, breaching laws in pursuit of happiness, and those who risked all for the government only to face abandonment.


In Beholder, Krushvice 6 remains the nucleus of all events. Your role as manager persists, forming the backdrop against a dynamic storyline. Negotiating the complex societal rules, you’ll grapple with obeying governmental commands or adhering to your moral compass. The game confronts you with the challenge of serving the enigmatic Wise Leader while navigating ethical conundrums.


Beholder transcends gaming, provoking contemplation on complex ethical questions. It probes morality and the repercussions of choices in an imperfect world. Its engrossing storytelling, intricate character development, and multitude of endings promise an experience that lingers, leaving you pondering long after you’ve finished playing.

Features of Beholder MOD APK :

  • Beholder offers an engaging and immersive gaming experience set in a totalitarian society where your decisions have far-reaching consequences.
  • The game presents players with tough moral choices, blurring the lines between right and wrong, challenging your ethical beliefs.
  • The narrative is dynamic and responsive, shaped by the decisions you make, leading to multiple possible outcomes and endings.
  • Experience the thrill of espionage as you secretly monitor and spy on tenants, unraveling their secrets and deciding their fate.
  • Encounter a range of diverse characters, each with their own stories, backgrounds, and motivations, adding depth to the overall narrative.
  • With multiple endings and branching storylines, Beholder offers high replayability, encouraging multiple playthroughs to explore different outcomes.
  • The game offers additional content through the “Blissful Sleep” expansion, introducing new characters and further enriching the game’s world.
  • Beholder prompts players to contemplate complex themes such as morality, surveillance, and the consequences of choices in a controlled society.
  • Manage your decisions and actions carefully while navigating the strict rules of the society, offering a challenging and engaging gameplay experience.
  • Enjoy the game’s deep storytelling and decision-making on-the-go through your Android device, allowing for convenient and immersive gameplay anytime, anywhere.

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