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Name Speed Legends: Car Driving Sim
ID com.sir.racing.speedlegendscardrivingsimulator
Size 274MB
Version 1.0.4
Publisher Sir Studios
MOD Features [Unlimited Money]
Requires android Android 5 expand_more
android Android 5
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Speed Legends MOD APK completely transforms the landscape of mobile racing and car driving. It sets a new standard by introducing an irresistible career mode, an expansive open world ripe for exploration, extensive and intricate car tuning options, graphics that will take your breath away, and the pinnacle of lifelike car physics, all finely tuned for mobile devices.

About Speed Legends MOD APK For Android 2024

Embrace absolute freedom! Speed Legends MOD introduces a boundless world where the art of driving knows no boundaries. Immerse yourself in thrilling street challenges scattered throughout a vast open world, where the canvas of your customized car maneuvers through breathtaking landscapes and explores awe-inspiring locales. Asphalt is just the beginning; grab the wheel of an SUV and venture into spectacular off-road environments that await your exploration.

Trust your instincts and refine your authentic driving and drifting skills as you unleash your daring spirit to conquer uncharted territories. Whether navigating the urban jungle or conquering rugged terrain, Speed Legends invites you to break free from limitations, sharpen your abilities, and discover the adrenaline-fueled thrill of exploration in the unknown


Within this realm, driving is an art reserved for the truly skilled. Mastery extends far beyond mere steering—it’s about connecting with the raw power pulsating beneath the hood. These streets demand expertise; only the most adept drivers can confidently navigate these cars, flaunting their extreme driving and drifting prowess. Drift along renowned streets, leaving behind tire marks that echo the prowess of your supercar.

Speed Legends transcends the ordinary racing game; it’s a comprehensive simulation that encapsulates the essence of driving, drifting, off-roading, and engineering. It’s a platform where enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the intricate world of automotive mastery, experiencing the exhilaration of pushing the limits at every turn.


Unleash the potential of every vehicle! Acquire a car from the shop and upgrade it with a range of body and performance enhancements. Amplify acceleration, maximize top speed, and refine handling using superior turbochargers, engines, transmissions, and a host of other upgrades. Tailor your ride to your preferences with handpicked bumpers, side skirts, rims, spoilers, and custom paint options for each component, allowing you to showcase your distinctive style. Forge your path to legendary status


Go on an adrenaline-fueled journey where the thrill of racing, driving, and drifting reaches unprecedented heights! Immerse yourself in addictive street challenges that keep you on the edge, conquering each one to claim prestigious cups and build your empire! With your dream car in hand, step into the tuning shop to fine-tune every aspect, from its performance to its aesthetics, creating a masterpiece that mirrors your vision.

As you ascend through the ranks of driving leagues, the spotlight is on you, showcasing your unparalleled expertise in the ultimate driving simulator of 2017. Speed Legends isn’t just about racing for the finish line; it’s a holistic exploration and mastery of every nuance of driving, tailored specifically for mobile platforms. From the thrill of high-speed races to the artistry of perfect drifts, it’s an immersive experience that redefines mobile driving games.

FEATURES OF Speed Legends mod apk :

  • Expansive open world: Cities, villages, mountains, beaches—all in one massive map!
  • Extensive tuning and customization: Body kits, rims, vinyls, engines, turbochargers, and more!
  • Varied car selection: Sports cars, SUVs, Electric cars, Super cars, Drifting cars, Off-road vehicles…
  • Breathtaking 3D graphics: A realistic driving experience like never before!
  • True-to-life car physics: Master this, and you’ll feel like a licensed driver or a seasoned mechanic!
  • Authentic engine sounds: Studio-recorded for a true-to-life experience!
  • Realistic drifting physics: Speed Legends excels in drifting.
  • Addictive challenges: Once you dive into these street challenges, you won’t stop until you conquer them all!
  • Authentic cockpit view: Racing inside the car has never been more exhilarating.
  • The ultimate car driving simulator: The most realistic driving and drifting physics!
  • The finest car drifting game on mobile!
  • Offline Gameplay: No need to be online!

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