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Name Voxel Destruction
ID com.building.destruction.simlator
Size 174.64MB
Version 1.0.2
Publisher AppNexeDeveloper
MOD Features [Full Game]
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Voxel Destruction APK is a sandbox, puzzle, and action game available on the Android platform. Developed by AppNexeDeveloper, this game offers a unique experience of destructible environments.

About Voxel Destruction APK

In Voxel Destruction APK, players can prepare for destruction and demolish the city in a voxel simulation world. The game provides various tools and options to break down walls using vehicles or explosives, allowing for creative destruction.

The game features two modes: Campaign mode and Sandbox mode. In Campaign mode, players manage their own construction company and control a bulldozer to demolish and destroy buildings. By earning money, players can upgrade their equipment to improve efficiency. This mode offers a challenging and addictive experience.

On the other hand, Sandbox mode provides a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Players have unlimited resources and a large number of vehicles to play with, allowing them to experiment and destroy everything in different environments.

Voxel Destruction is visually captivating, offering a unique blend of sandbox gameplay, puzzles, and action. With its destructible environment and engaging gameplay modes, it provides an immersive experience for players who enjoy demolition games.

Features of Voxel Destruction :

  • Destructible Environments: The game offers an interactive world where players can demolish buildings and structures using various tools and vehicles.
  • Two Game Modes: It includes Campaign mode, where players manage a construction company and use equipment to demolish buildings for rewards, and Sandbox mode, providing unlimited resources and vehicles for creative destruction.
  • Upgrade System: In Campaign mode, players can earn money to upgrade their equipment, enhancing efficiency and capabilities in demolishing structures.
  • Visually Engaging: Voxel Destruction boasts visually appealing voxel-based graphics, providing a unique and immersive gaming experience.
  • Creative Destruction: Players can experiment with different methods of destruction, utilizing explosives or vehicles to creatively dismantle various elements within the environment.
  • Mix of Genres: Combining sandbox, puzzle, and action elements, the game offers a diverse gameplay experience suitable for players who enjoy demolition-focused games.
  • Immersive Gameplay: The game destructible environments and engaging modes offer an immersive and addictive experience for players looking for challenging and entertaining gameplay.

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