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Name Who's Your Daddy?!
ID com.EvilTortillaGamesInc.WhosYourDaddy
Size 862mb
Version 1.0
Publisher Evil Tortilla Games Incorporated
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Requires android Android 5 expand_more
android Android 5
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Who’s Your Daddy APK is an entertaining and whimsical multiplayer video game that transforms you and your friends into befuddled Daddies and mischievous Babies. The game premise is straightforward: Daddies must safeguard their Babies from an array of potential hazards within the house.

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Concurrently, Babies endeavor to outwit the Daddies by ingeniously placing themselves in precarious situations. The gameplay unfolds as a comical and frenzied race against the clock, characterized by zany physics and an assortment of household items that can either ensure the Baby’s safety or spell impending disaster.

Who’s Your Daddy offers an uproarious and competitive multiplayer experience where you and up to seven friends can dive into the comical chaos of parenting gone haywire. Whether you assume the role of a responsible Daddy or an adventurous Baby, this game takes the concept of childcare to absurdly entertaining heights.

Guardians Protect Your Precious Progeny

For those donning the Daddy hat, the primary objective is clear: shield your baby from harm’s way. Employ your keen parental instincts to implement safety measures, such as locking cabinets, relocating perilous objects, and expertly baby-proofing the entire house. The challenge lies in maintaining constant vigilance as your little one explores and endeavors to outsmart your every move.

Babies Embrace the Hilarity of Rebellion

On the flip side, if you choose the Baby’s perspective, your mission is to thwart the Daddy’s protective attempts in the most amusing ways possible. Picture attempting to drink bleach or testing fate by poking forks into electrical outlets. The game’s delightfully unpredictable situations and wacky physics ensure an entertaining experience as you navigate a household filled with potential dangers.

Discover the Absurdity Within the Home and Garden

Embark on your comedic escapades in a two-story house and garden teeming with over 69 household items, each holding a hint of ominous potential. Navigate a world where power outlets deliver lethal shocks, flour jars temporarily blind Daddies, and a sentient Baby can flood the house through sinks. From woodchippers with unexpected capabilities to a canine companion named Fudge, every corner of the home is rife with mischief.

In Who’s Your Daddy APK Download the line between responsible parenting and uproarious mayhem is hilariously blurred, making every game a memorable journey into the world of absurd childcare antics.

Who’s Your Daddy APK Features to Explore:

  • Immersive Environments: Delve into a meticulously designed two-story home and garden.
  • Household Havoc: Interact with over 67 everyday items, each with varying levels of potential chaos.
  • Wacky Physics: Experience gameplay filled with unpredictable and hilarious moments.
  • Customizable Modes: Tailor your gaming experience with customizable game modes.
  • Unique Characters: Play as two distinct characters with customizable skins and perks.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Encounter randomized locations of crucial items to keep each game fresh.
  • Immersive Audio: Enjoy dynamic music and sound for maximum immersion.
  • Multiplayer Madness: Play with up to seven friends online or locally, with controller support for added convenience.

How to install Whos Your Daddy APK!

Step 1: Download the Who’s Your Daddy (APK or MOD) from the APPSFAB.NET website.

Step 2: Open settings on your device and enable unknown sources to allow Who’s Your Daddy APK or MOD file to be installed.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file Top Troops!_Appsfab.net.apk and install it.

Step 4: Open the game when done and you can play right away.

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