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ID com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww
Size 84.76MB
Version 4.32.0
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc
MOD Features [1 Turn Win + 1 Hit Kill + Complete all battle challenges‚Äč ]
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is an action-packed RPG game based on the DB anime, boasting stunning 3D graphics. Published officially by Bandai Namco on mobile platforms, this game offers the thrill of taking down your enemies in a single shot. Join us to discover the numerous advantages this game has to offer.

Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK Latest Version

Dragon Ball Legends stands tall as an unparalleled gaming adaptation of the iconic Dragon Ball manga. Its gripping combat mechanics and beautifully depicted intense battles promise an experience that truly lives up to its legacy. With Bandai Namco at the helm, the game’s success speaks volumes, boasting over 10 million installs on Google Play alone. For any fervent follower of the Dragon Ball series, this game is an absolute must-play.

Gameplay Dynamics

In the realm of Dragon Ball Legends, players engage in high-stakes battles that transcend mere gaming. Competing against adversaries worldwide via online connectivity presents a formidable challenge. Strategic squad assembly is crucial for victory at every level, making the gameplay both demanding and exhilarating.

Distinctive to this rendition is the portrayal of characters as cards, a refreshing departure from previous versions. Utilizing these cards strategically becomes pivotal in executing character skills and unleashing devastating attacks, draining opponents’ health rapidly. Moreover, combining cards for intricate combos amplifies the potency of your strikes, introducing a layer of tactical depth.

Unlocking New Characters

The game houses a comprehensive roster of characters from the original comic series, allowing immediate encounters with cherished childhood favorites. Acquiring these characters, however, hinges on completing assigned tasks rather than monetary transactions or player exchanges. Completing in-game challenges and relying on a stroke of luck to receive rewards becomes the avenue to obtain coveted characters.

The quest system continuously evolves within Dragon Ball Legends, with dynamically changing missions. Players must adeptly manage their time and tackle tasks aligned with their gameplay style. As missions intensify in difficulty, so do the rewards, necessitating players’ dedication to procure their desired characters.

Key Elements and Noteworthy Aspects

Dragon Ball Legends thrives on a myriad of integral features like Story EXP, EXP Training, Limit Breaks, Equipment, and Soul Boost, demanding prolonged engagement to grasp their nuances.

The game accentuates the immense power of characters from the DRAGON BALL universe, where possessing figures like Goku or Vegeta confers a substantial advantage in battles. However, attaining these powerful characters presents a significant challenge within the game.

Character classification into Ranged Type or Defense Type bestows distinct effects upon each, with Defense Types focusing on damage absorption and Ranged Types augmenting normal attack strength, adding a strategic layer to battles.

Immersive 3D Graphics

Complementing its unique features, Dragon Ball Legends showcases stunning 3D graphics, elevating battles into visually spectacular spectacles. The replication of combo moves from the original manga adds an exciting layer of nostalgia to the gaming experience. The seamless transition effects heighten the fluidity and agility of character actions, enhancing overall gameplay stability.

In summary, the aforementioned MOD features significantly streamline battles within the game, promising a more accessible gameplay experience. Dive into this MOD version, and may it elevate your Dragon Ball Legends experience to greater heights.

Features of Dragon Ball Legends for ANDROID :

  • Stunning Graphics: Experience visually captivating 3D graphics that bring the Dragon Ball universe to life.
  • Intense Battles: Engage in high-energy, fierce battles against opponents worldwide via online connectivity.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Build and arrange your squad strategically, using character cards to execute powerful skills and combos.
  • Vast Character Roster: Encounter and unlock iconic characters from the original Dragon Ball series.
  • Quest System: Complete dynamic missions to earn rewards and unlock desired characters.
  • Diverse Features: Explore various in-game elements like Story EXP, EXP Training, Limit Breaks, and Equipment for comprehensive gameplay.
  • Character Abilities: Characters possess distinct abilities classified into Ranged Type or Defense Type, adding strategic depth to battles.
  • Immersive Combat: Enjoy the replication of combo moves from the original manga, enhancing the excitement of battles.
  • Fluid 3D Animation: Experience smooth transitions and fluid animation that heighten the overall gaming experience.

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